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What People Are Saying
I received the cover this week. It fits beautifully. Thank you.
~Brad K.,
It just came in and it fits like a glove (not O.J.'s ) Thanks for getting this out. Just in time for a busy weekend!
~Gary H., Pittsburgh, PA
Just a quick mail to let you know that after much wrangling with the UK Post Office I finally got my hands on my clamshell case the other day! Perfect fit as expected. I'll definitely be in touch again as soon as I get my hands on that Nomad 100w 2X12 I've got my eye on!
~Joe C
Susan, I received my cab cover today. It was beautiful, and my cabinet was so grateful. We had a lot of fun tonight and made many people happy. It DOES take a community, doesn't it. Thanks for pushing this along and for the beautiful work.
~Michael F., Canton NY
my gig bag fits like a glove. Thanks!
~Jan L., Germany
I just wanted to let you know that the covers that you made for my display boards are awesome! they came out perfect. thank you,
~Sean L.
I just wanted to confirm that the cover is perfect :-) Many thanks and have a great day!
~John L., Santa Cruz CA
bags arrived today - thanks a lot ! Fantastic Quality as usual !! Great work !
~Armand O., Austria
I received the bag today and it fits my amp perfectly. Handles are reliable and material is VERY strong. Shape and color are beautiful. I really like this bag!
I received the covers today....very nice job, they look great! I haven't tried them on the amp yet but I will be for a gig Sat. Thanks for everything! PS, I bought a Pma Board a few months back and ordered one of your covers with it.....nice fit!
~Joe K., Williamson NY
Just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my amp cover. It's a perfect fit, and trem footswitch, guitar cords and Standback amp stand fit in the padded pocket with no problem at all. Plus, I got it just in time to take to the gig last night -- excellent!
~Grover K., Windsor Heights, IA
I got my clamshell bag, and of course, it is perfect! Thank you as always for your care and quality.
~Robert G., Wichita KS
I *LOVE* the cover you made for my DR. Z Maz 18. It fits *PERFECTLY*!! The only downside is that I didnt find you soon enough and Im now going to have to have my amp re-tolexed (it got pretty chewed up over the years). The good news is with that cover Ill never have to worry about it again!! Great job; thank you *SO* much!!
~John P., Cave Creek AZ
Just got the padded slip cover for my mesa subway blues - and it's the best one yet!!! My little amp is snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug.
~Tom P., East Lansing, M
I got the dust cover for my Peavey Vyper today. It fits like a glove and looks great!
~David H., St. Louis, MO
Just want to thank you for the two perfect fitting covers for cabinets I thought I would never be able to cover. The covers for my two MarkBass (Traveler 102p)enclosures fit as thought they were sent to me from MarkBass. Great Quality - and the offset opening for the handle was perfectly located. Thanks again - will certainly recommend for any one looking for amp and speaker enclosures.
~Frank T., Selden, NY
It fits! Thanks again
~Daniel H., San Anselmo CA
My new cover for my Fender amp just arrived. Absolutely perfect!! The quality shows all over - fit, feel, look, everything. This is my fourth amp cover from Studio Slips. As long as I keep getting amps, Ill keep on getting Studio Slips covers!
~Jim G., Walnut Creek, CA
Hi Susan! I got my new clamshell cover today for my Mesa Boogie 1/12 Thiele Cab and it looks and fits great! Thanks again for all your help and I'll see if I can drive some business your way. Your work is truly quality all the way!
~Gary B
Susan, got the bag for my pedal board . . . well made and looks terrific. Thanks for your help.
~James K. Missouri City, TX
My covers arrived today, they look and fit great! I'm so pleased with your service and product.
~Mark T., Queensland, Australia
I received my slip yesterday, fits great! Thank you!!
~Joel C., Winnipeg MB
I received the cover today and its a perfect fit! It looks great as usual. Thanks for the good work. Hope to do business again soon.
~Dan W., Canada
this thing is perfect. thanks!
~Chris A., Seattle WA
I received the covers yesterday. They look great and fit perfectly. Thanks for your fast service! Aloha.
~Mike M
Just received my cover. Fits great! It exceeds my expectations, and my expectations were high. This is a perfect compromise between a studio cover and a road case. I'm not touring so $5000 of gear goes into my $1500 car to earn my $50 cut of the door ;-). This is perfect for protecting my amp when loaded into my car with the rest of my guitars, pedal board, etc. After band rehearsal it is nice to be able to keep the still hot tubes from being exposed to the sometimes below zero temps here in frozen tundra land. It's like a sleeping bag for my amp ;-) Also, want to thank you for making these for non-boogie amps. I always loved the covers for my Boogies. When I saw your ties to Boogie I was stoked (I gigged for years with a Lonestar). I will be ordering the same style cover for my Tweed Twin in the future. Keep up the good work.
~David K., Menomonee Falls WI
The covers for the Vox AC15 and Marshall Vintage Modern arrived today. They both fit perfectly, as I knew they would from my previous orders. Good work. And the pocket on the Vox AC15 cover is larger than I expected. I can fit a lot more than the footswitch in there. That could come in handy.
~Robert R., Denver, CO
I've received the new brown canvas clamshell cover for my Dr. Z. It's very nice, as always! Thanks ladies!
~Mark C., Canton, MI
I received the amp cover today. It looks great and fits like a glove. Nicely done!
~Doug P., Portsmouth, OH
Speaker cover for the PF-112HLF just showed up. Its Great!
~Kirk A., San Rafael CA
Thanks so much for your great work! The slip fits wonderfully and it'll allow me to schlep my amp on the nyc subway with confidence and style.
~Bob G., Bronx, NY
My slip cover arrived today and it's perfect as usual!!! I tell every musician I know about your company, so I hope you get a lot of orders from Texas soon.
~Don T
Susan - the cover for my Victoria 50212 arrived this week - wow ! another beautiful job - the color, material, fit, and workwomanship is stunning - thank you so very much - Appeciate you!
~Mark W., Lafayette, LA
Received the second cover this morning. You produce a beautiful product. I would like to thank you for your quick and courteous response in this matter. Many companies that I deal with would not be so kind or quick to respond to a situation such as this. You are truly a first rate company.
~Dean D - Kalamazoo, MI
I received the cover Monday, or actually my wife did, and when I got home from a business trip Tuesday night I checked it out. It is beautiful. But that is what I expected, like the cover for my Dr Z head that you also made. I especially like the Z logo too. Anyway, best of luck on a very successful business, as you have a great product.
~George G., Rancho Palos Verdes
Hi from Scotland! Just wanted to thank you very much for the amp covers. Beautiful workmanship / design and I'm sure my amps will be much safer now.
Just wanted to let you know the cover arrived here in the Caribbean today ? nice work! Congrats on a good-looking and effective cover.
~Robert H., Caribbean
I just wanted to let you know that i just received my clamshell cover. It fits perfectly and the side pockets are perfect! I will send pics in a day or so for your scrapbook. You folks have been an absolute pleasure to work with!
~Ira G., Austin TX
I wouldn't keep coming back if you didn't make the best covers on the planet!
~Rob B., Framingham, MA
When I was a little boy (a loooooong time ago) my dear mother taught me, "Make sure you always say 'Thank you' at least as loudly as you say 'Please.'" I'm writing to thank you folks for great stuff backed by great service and communication. Having gotten one of your covers for my Groundswell board, I already knew what kind of work you did when I ordered a cover for my new Carr Impala. The Impala was a big investment for me and between my age and the sweet tone it produces most likely the last amp I'll ever own. (Hopefully, that still represents a lot of notes and miles and years ) I didn't bother to check out any other sites; you were my go-to. Life's been pretty busy and I'd actually had the amp cover for a good week or more before I even took it out of the shipping box. I spread the clamshell out, set the Impala on it and immediately thought, "Oh, man this is too small. It's never gonna fit." And then proceeded to grin like a fool as I slowly zipped the cover up around the Carr and proved myself wrong. What a fit! In an age of "Close enough" and "Good enough" and "Yeah whatever," your covers are a mix of precision and soul. It's obvious you care about what you do and the folks who use your products. Thanks so much. Know that you make me smile every time I have to lug my gear and that's a good thing.
~Brian R., Nobleboro ME
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Studio Slip for my Rocket 44 Mesa. It fits like a glove and is even more padded than I expected. The workmanship and quality is clearly evident and I really like the fact that it was made to order.Thanks for getting it exactly right the first time!
~Thomas L., Houston TX
The slip arrived today and fits perfectly, you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to buying one for my 4x12 flextone cab!!
~Derek P
I have just received my order. This was the clamshell bag for my 2x10 Super-Amp combo. I just wanted to say that it fits perfecty and looks to be of very high quality. It should be perfect for my needs. Awesome job!
~Billy P
I received the Studio Slips for the London and the 2x12 Cab today, the only thing that looks better than the amps in those covers, is the amps out of those covers (what can I say? They're 65 Amps). They fit perfectly and I am totally pleased. Thank you again for your good services.
~Matthew G., Woodinville, WA
Hello, received the slips. They are perfect. Excellent work! Thank you
~Grady P., Shakopee MN
Cover (clamshell) is terrific...I really like having protection on the bottom because too often I have to set an amp down on a damp sidewalk or pavement as part of load in/out at a gig.
~Michael G., Larchmont, NY
Hi Susan, I received the covers yesterday. They fit like a well made glove and they're almost too nice to use. Thanks for the speedy elivery. Again thanks.
~Niall., Oregon
Thanks Susan. Great as always. Happy New Year!
~Michael K., Vancouver, WA
Success!! Once again Susan... the Ashdown cover fits like a glove.
~Rick G., Halethorp, MD
The cover arrived today for my PRS C amplifier; it's beautiful and perfect. I love your craftsmanship.
~Steve P., Narberth, PA