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What People Are Saying
Thank you for the quick handling of my order. I received the cover to days before needed, and it fitted perfectly!
~Yngve N., Norway
Thanks. My cover for the Ibanez Promethian P110C fits perfectly, as always.
~Gary M., Houston, TX
Got the cover today. Excellent fit! Thanks.
~Brian C., Billings MT
Just arrived. Perfect fit. Thanks for the great service.
~Sam P., Georgetown, KY
Tks Susan Slips fit good, pocket very useful, wish I had put 1 on my speaker cab as well. Happy Holidays
~Kamran K., FL
The clamshell gigbag for the Blankenship amp fits perfect.
~Gary R., Westbury, NY
I received the bag and it's great and fits like a glove.
~Steve B., Congleton, GB
One extremely happy customer! Here's a couple pics, they fit perfect! A great addition for Foster Sound Studios. You will have repeat business!!
~Kevin H., Cypress, TX
Thanks Susan. Great as always. Happy New Year!
~Michael K., Vancouver, WA
I wanted to send you a quick note; the Clamshell Bag for my Vox head is perfect. The design is great, the padding is nice and heavy, and the leather bottom strips will keep everything well protected. Great product, and delivery was faster than your stated lead time. I expect to order more covers in the near future.
~Mike S. Oceanport, NJ
The covers arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. The two rock & the Princeton covers fit like a glove. Thanks for your patience in getting the measurements right and the quick turnaround on my order! Appreciate it very much!
~Mark S - Lafayette, LA
I just received the cases for my Traynor TVM50 and MaxiMouse amps today. They all fit perfectly! I really appreciate the time and expertise put into double checking the design to ensure a perfect fit. You can now add these amps to the list of covers that you have made.
~Monty A., Evanston IL
WOW. I received my Studio Slips cover and am very happy with it. It fits perfectly. Thanks.
~Nick J., Omaha, NE
Just a quick one to let you know that the covers have arrived and fit fantastically. Quality job and will be recommending you guy’s in the future.
~Steve A., Victoria, Australia
I just received my new cover in the mail. It looks and fits....great! Thanks so much for your wonderful product and service. The double padding should do a fine job protecting my beloved hardwood Mesa Boogie Mark II-B from the world's hard knocks.
~Rick T
I got the covers yesterday -- AMAZING QUALITY!!! I am blown away -- both items were perfect, snug fits. I am VERY pleased with your product!! :) Thanks for dealing with the UPS issue -- you got that resolved fast! :) I'll definitely be recommending you guys to my friends -- great work!
~Bryan J., Oklahoma City, OK
I got the amp covers today and I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and the fit. These are great and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you.
~Kevin A., San Francisco CA
" my latest clamshells yesterday...perfect fit...they both saw active service last night!
~David G., Lincolnshire, GB
Very cool!! Thanks!! By the way, if you go to the attached site they have the dimensions for the Lindy Fralin combo amp (1x15). Someone took the time to measure everything out. How does this compare to your notes? The amp manufacture told me to go to "coveramp" to get my cover (as I mentioned to you on the phone) but I ultimately found their covers to be unattractive and canceled my order. I was happy to find the Fralin amps were also in your system because I really like Studio Slips the best!!
~Robert K. Leonardtown, MD
I received the covers yesterday and they fit perfectly! Now ALL my gear have studio slips covers. I love them.
~Steve C., North Atlleboro, MA
I got the bag yesterday morning! Everything's perfect. Thanks for the excellent work!
~Bernhard H., Bern, Switzerland
Thank you I recieved the slip covers today & they are perfect. Great quality, I will recomend you to all my mucisian freinds. Tanks again. Sincerely, Dave
~Dave A., Stoughton, WI
I just got the bag from UPS, and it fits perfectly. I'm about to make a post on the Z forum (ztalk) about your outstanding product service and responsiveness.
~Thomas L., Columbia SC
Hello Susan, I just received the cover in the mail. It fits my amp perfectly! Thank you for the expert correspondence and quick turnaround.
~Kevin S., Seattle, WA
I just got my amp cover and pedal train case. As always, your work is amazing. Thank you so much!
~David T., Santa Cruz CA
Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you about my custom cover. I received it on time last week and I am REALLY impressed with the job y'all did! The hauling handles work perfectly. Now, all I have to do is zip my amp up in the case, and pick it up like an AC30. Running those webbing straps around underneath really did the trick. They take the weight so the material doesn't give way. The other thing I like is the quality hardware that y'all used to attach the handles. They unclip and move right out of the way for opening. They are also nice and snug against the top when in position for hauling. The padded slips are very comfortable for my hands and the whole rig is so transportable now I don't know how I ever lived without one of your covers!! You really should consider making the work you did for me part of your standard options. It is very handy and I know that many musicians find it difficult to haul amps like mine with just that single handle provided by the manufacturer (what were they thinking?!?!). It really is a sick joke to put a lone handle on an amp that weighs as much as an AC30 or a Twin. Thanks again for a terrific product, and I'll be sure to peruse your site for my other gear needs.
~John H., Richmond, VA
YES! I'M FAMOUS! All kidding aside, I'm glad you used my words as a testimonial. I am happy to (and always do) recommend you to any fellow gigging musician I talk to. I've literally used your covers in rain, sleet, and snow; and my stuff stays protected gig after gig after gig. Studio Slips is the best!
~Michael J., O'Fallon, MO
The clamshell you sent me for my Samamp VAC23 fits perfectly. Thanks again for a quality job and excellent service.
~Joe S., Chatham, NY
Got my cover today. It's fantastic! Thank you and everyone at Studio Slips! I'll be sure to spread the word.
~Steve L., Metairie LA
My cover arrived in perfect, fitting condition! Thanks!
~Mark Z., Baltimore, MD
I recieved the studio slip covers for my Dr Z stuff and they are excellent. Just like a big winter coat for all my equipment. Thats important up here in Canada.
~Terry F., CANADA
hello. i received the cover and it fits perfectly- great job! i've been playing out quite a bit lately and have broken in the cover (and amp)- all is great! thanks again!!
~Juan Carlos Q., Marina del Rey, CA
I just got my two amp covers, and all I can say is WOW. They are way better than I expected. I have a couple other covers, from other vendors, and yours is by far superior! Thanks
~Chris H., Hope Valley RI
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my Suhr Corso Clamshell Bag yesterday and tried it out – amazing fit and exceptional quality! Thanks very much and keep up the great work! :)
~Brian K., Atlanta, GA
Just wanted to thank you for the amazing quality and care you put into your product. I feel so confident and relieved that the investment in my rig is now protected when I go play. (cab and speaker, with bonus it) You have such a great product, that I will strongly endorse it to all my guitar playing friends.
~Steve O., Woodbridge, ON CANADA
Just got my cover, perfect fit, great job!
~Mike W., Lexington KY
My Studio Slip arrived today!!!!!! It fits my Roland KC 880 Amp perfectly. You are awsome!!!!!!!!!!! I will be contacting you shortly to fabricate a cover for my V-Drum Rack. So long for now & thank you very much!
~Johnny R., Belfair, WA
It arrived today. It is super nice. Thank you very much
~Ralph N., Butler PA
Dear Susan, I received the amp cover late this afternoon after talking to you today, & it's WONDERFUL! It fits absolutely perfectly, & seems like it has great padding for protection. You really did a great job,& we will definitely call you again for other covers in the future & recommend you to friends.
~Sharon, American Made Band
I just wanted to let you know the amp cover and Pedaltrain Nano cover arrived today and they both fit absolutely perfectly! I now own four studio slips covers, and you guys nail it every time!
~Timothy S., Mississauga, Canada
I just received my amp cover. Thanks for the speedy service!
~George S., Ontario, Canada
Your work is perfect! The dust cover you specially made for my pedal board is spot on in every dimension. Fit and finish is superior. Thanks so much and know I will use your services again and spread the word. Thank you for your awesome-ness!
~Terry O'Brien, Snoqualmie, WA
I received the cover yesterday (Saturday). It's a very nice cover and fits perfectly. I am really pleased with it - many thanks.
~Simon F., Grays, Essex, GB
Just a short note to thank you for the beautiful amp covers. They both fit perfectly, and look WONDERFUL! Thanks again for the fast service.
~Len H., Oceanside, NY
Got it, Sue! Fits like a glove as always!
~Rick O., Menasha, WI
I received the clamshell cover today - it fits perfectly. Have a great weekend and thanks for a great product and great service.
~Greg L., Calgary, Canada
Sorry for the late input, but I've receievd the clamshell for my Bogner New Yorker a few weeks ago, and it's fantastic. Many thanks! I believe your product are still the best on this market, and you can trust me, because here in EU I've seen in the gigging world many brands/models trying to approach your design and quality, but none of what I've seen overlasted yours!
~Philippe Q., France
It's bin a while ago but I was on a Holliday. I want to thank you for your superior craftsmanship and I'm not overreacting here. The vibebag you made fits like a glove and is well protected to. Even the keyboard X-stand fits in the compartment! And the back-straps for carrying are fine as well.
~Niels J., Dordrecht, HOLLAND
Thanks - another "perfect" fit, just like always!
~Tom P., East Lansing, MI
My cover just arrived (for AudioKinesis Changeling 1x12 Tall) and I had to tell you that if you had been here doing the measurements yourself and custom tailoring every inch of it, the fit would not have been any better! I could not be more pleased and my wife was very impressed ? she has the critical eye for tailoring when it comes to this kind of stuff. The standard padding and ?just enough ease/relief? allows for great protection and easy ?on and off? without snagging anything. Thank you both so much for working with me on this and I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues on Talk Bass.
~Al K, Burke, VA