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What People Are Saying
I just received the covers. They look very well. Thanks again for the great service and swif shipping. I hope I can make a new order in the future but I'm running out of amps! :-)Thanks again.
~Chris V.N., Belgium
Dear Ms. Bendinelli, Got my covers today, and as usual, they're perfect. You oughta be on the cover of Time magazine. Thank you very much for tending to me so well. I really do appreciate it.
~Clint J., Taylor, Miss.
The covers arrived on time and in great shape. When I arrived in San Diego they fit the gear perfectly. The quality is outstanding and I will be ordering some more in the future for other amps I own. Good investment as far as I am concerned. Thank you so much for working me on the getting the order in time. I will recommend you and your business to anyone who needs covers for their gear. You and your company are the real deal when it comes to service and product!
~Terry K., Sequim, WA
Wonderful! Looks great next to my SS encased Space tone!
~Richard M., MN
Received the cover, it is perfect! Thank you so much, I will be ordering the cabinet cover soon! Thanks again,
~Jason R., Duffield, VA
Got the covers. Great job! Thanks.
~Clifford W., Seneca, SC
The amplifier cover for my Louis Electric arrived yesterday and it is a PERFECT fit! Thanks so much for your help.
~Bob D., New York, NY
Received the dust cover. Fits perfect. Thanks!
~Michael F., San Francisco, CA
The cover is great. Thanks!
~Raoul R., Redlands CA
The covers arrived today and they all fit perfectly. Thank you.
~Max B., Castle Rock, CO
The clam shell is awesome! Fits perfect and great quality!
~Jeff F., Ashburn VA
Just received the cover and I wish my gloves fit my hands as well as the cover fits my amp. Another great job. Thanks much!!
~Al C., San Francisco CA
I just wanted to let you know that I just got a chance to try the cover on my Boogie and it looks awesome and fits fantastic! The handle opening is perfect! I am very pleased with your work. I will not hesitate to drop your company name when people ask me about this cool cover. I love the zippers! Nice! I hope to do business in the future with you again! Thanks again for your great personal customer service!
~Gary B
Well, I had intended to write to you sooner after receiving my clamshell bag for my Bruno Special 22 shortly before Christmas, but life intervened, and work demands, etc. ate my time before now. I have to say that before I received the bag, I was a little skeptical in ordering, as the Studio Slips bag was substantially more expensive than the Tuki and D2F bags I’ve ordered in the past, and both of the other manufacturers delivered good quality, serviceable products. After opening the box and putting my amp in the Studio Slips bag, all I can say is “Wow”! There really is a tangible difference in both quality and utility between the Studio Slips bag and the competitors. The others had lower prices, but are not as good of a value in the final analysis. The Studio Slips bag, from the fit, quality of stitching, and extra protection afforded by the clamshell design, is clearly a step above the competition. The pockets on the outside and the leather strips on the bottom are additional enhancements in regards to utility and durability. I’ll definitely be ordering again from you in the future when I need the best bag/cover available. Thanks again for delivering such a great product!
~Raymond G., Houston TX
Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you and everything fit!
~Marcus H., Blue Island, IL
Dear Susan and Cole, Just a quick note to let you know that I received the cover for my Morgan PR-12 this morning. It is absolutely perfect, thank you so much! I wish you the very best and look forward to becoming your client again soon.
~Ilhan A., Wilton, CT
my gig bag fits like a glove. Thanks!
~Jan L., Germany
Thank you I received the covers ... They fit and are great many thanks
~Richard C., Talent OR
The slip arrived today and fits perfectly, you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to buying one for my 4x12 flextone cab!!
~Derek P
The bag for my harmonium arrived last Friday, literally ten minutes before I was taking it to a gig! It fits perfectly, and is really what I was looking for. Well made, makes the harmonium easier to carry than that bulky, ripped up one I was using. Terrific!...
~R. Davis, Boston, MA
Thanks, fits perfect!!! Once again amazing service and a great product !!!
~Robby F., Santa Barbara, CA
I received the covers and they fit perfectly - Thanks
~Charles A., Newton, Massachusett
Wow Susan! These cases are really great... you did it again. My wife was just laughing at me... "it's funny the things you get excited about," she said. But looking at my amp and cab in your perfect cases, how could I not be excited?
~Michael L., Staten Island, NY
Received my cover for the Vibrolux Reverb…. fits great. Thank you..
~Don H., Camarillo CA
Just wanted to say, the bag arrived yesterday, and it fits PERFECTLY! Thanks again!
~Roger B., San Francisco CA
Received my slipcover this morning. It fits my little Orange Crush 10 amplifier perfectly & looks great! I'm sure it will help protect it for as long as I own it. Thank you for the great service & the high quality product.
~John M
The dimensions of the custom cover fit my 2015 Korg Kronos well. Instead of resting on the keys, the cover is supported by the top of the keyboard, and rests atop a series of dials on the left and right panel above the keyboard. I believe there is little to no pressure on the keys. Highly recommended.
~Peter W., Roseville, MN
I got it yesterday. Perfect timing. And that as really nice bag by the way, fits perfectly in the amp. I really appreciate all the attention you got on this order. I will recommend to my friends l. Thank you very much Susan
~Euclides N., Las Vegas NV
Just a quick note to say, thanks for the beautiful cover! Incredibly well made, attractive, and it fits like a glove!!
~Peter B., Folsom CA
Got the cover yesterday. Awesome! Thanks so much.
~Tom B. Depew, NY
My cover just arrived (for AudioKinesis Changeling 1x12 Tall) and I had to tell you that if you had been here doing the measurements yourself and custom tailoring every inch of it, the fit would not have been any better! I could not be more pleased and my wife was very impressed ? she has the critical eye for tailoring when it comes to this kind of stuff. The standard padding and ?just enough ease/relief? allows for great protection and easy ?on and off? without snagging anything. Thank you both so much for working with me on this and I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues on Talk Bass.
~Al K, Burke, VA
Thanks again! Your covers are by far the best I have ever come across.... Your covers are great!
~Joseph M., Binghamton, NY
The covers arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. The two rock & the Princeton covers fit like a glove. Thanks for your patience in getting the measurements right and the quick turnaround on my order! Appreciate it very much!
~Mark S - Lafayette, LA
I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my clamshell studio slips yesterday. I am very impresssed with how easy they are to use and the protection that they provide. I am sure their durable construction will give me many years of service while ensuring my 3rd Power head and cab won't be skuffed or damaged when I am lugging my gear around. I think you have a fantastic product that is innovative, well made and makes protecting your equipment simple and easy.
~Trevor M., Vancouver BC CANADA
Hi Susan, just got the cover today and I'm very impressed with the quality ! Thanks again!
~Alan K. B., Ellicott City, MD
I received the amp cover and it's a perfect fit! Thanks so much for your assistance!
~David W., Manhasset, NY
I received the covers today for my '64 Ampeg and '08 Rivera guitar amps. They fit perfectly and the workmanship is excellent! I have one more amp that is in need of a cover and I'll be ordering it soon. Thank you again for your excellent service.
~Steve G., Savannah, MO
I know how it feels to get positive feedback for a job well done and I almost forgot to send some your way. The slipcovers you made in February for my Tweedyverb & Gries 35 amps turned out great ! They both fit very well, look great and seem to made out of a very nice material. Very sturdy for a mere slip cover. And thank you so much for working with me on the new dimensions for the Gries amp. It turned out great. The only adjustment I would make would be to increase the handle opening width from 6-1/8" to 6-3/8".
~Thomas H., Campbellsport WI
Hi Susan... I know you're busy, but I just wanted to extend thanks to you and Michael for going out of your way and being so kind and friendly. After arriving back in Vancouver, my amp couldn't be happier! The slips fit perfectly of course. Hope you enjoyed the movie, and that you're keeping well. It was really nice meeting you, you re-affirm my belief in that people are good! Now, I can also say I've been to Sebastopol:)
~Jon d B., Vancouver BC CANADA
Greetings from England! Back again with another order... I must stop buying amps. Thanks for all your great service.
~Warren E., Dudley, GB
Just received the covers yesterday (Alto Elvis 10A). They fit perfectly. Thanks so much for your help. You're the best!!
~Eric H.,
Thanks for the quick shipment! Once again, the cover fits like a glove. I'll highly recommend you to others when a well-made cover is wanted.
~Gary L., San Diego, CA
I am confirming receipt of the StudioSlips clamshell amp bag for my Two Rock Opal amp. It is a perfect fit, is exceptionally well made and is a great match for my StudioSlips speaker bag. Thanks for your good work, and best wishes for your continued success!
~Mark R., Guelph CANADA
I received my dust cover today and was shocked. I was expecting a generic cover... It is very nice and strong with good looks. Makes the price not seem as high as when I ordered it. Only thing is it makes my other amp covers look like junk. Wish I knew about yours when I bought them.
~Bobby G., Madisonville, NY
I received my Clamshell Gig Bag today for my Peavey JSX Mini Colossal. It looks and fits perfectly! I look forward to using it this week while teaching. I'll order again soon. Thank you for such fast and helpful service. I'll recommend Studio Slips to my friends and colleagues.
~Roxy D., Olmsted Falls, OH
good news, I've received the bag this week, it fits nicely for my amp :-) Thanks a lot for your great service!
~Christian A., Blaustein Germany
Last night I slipped the cover on the speaker when I got home. The fit is nice and tight. Professional look. Now we'll see how it holds up to constant use! I will recommend your gear to anyone who asks. I'm guessing you must rely on word of mouth alot! I was impressed with the time you took to double check measurements, etc.......good stuff.
~Michael L., Garfield Heights, OH
Got the Slips today. As always, beautiful! Awesome job with the Reverend patch on the Hellhound cover. I'm attaching a few pix of my Studio Slip collection for you. Naked...and dressed to the 9's. ;-) Best,
~Steve T., Oveido FL
What an amazing company and great product you have. I've turned several of my guitar buds on to you guys already. Your cover is like a cute puppy at gigs... Everyone wants to pet it!!!
~Jerry F., Front Royal, VA
Got the bag on Friday. Used the bag at a gig Saturday....... cab ( in the bag ) slid off the two wheeler.......but there was nary a scratch to be seem! Anyway it fits here on time......keep up the good work! After my next album goes triple platinum I will order matching bags for all my gear!
~Michael L., Garfield Heights, OH