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What People Are Saying
By the way, I also realized that I never wrote to thank you for the case for my Xits.... the case, as always, fits supremely well.... what a treat it is to get cases from you! They are always perfect.... you are really helping working musicians care for their prized instruments, and I'm really glad I found you....
~Michael L., Beacon, NY
This is my 7th amp cover I have bought from you over the years- you are BY FAR THE BEST value out there!!!
~John M. W., Gaithersburg, MD
Just wanted to thank you for your time and assistance. The cover you made for my Empire fits perfectly.
~Doug G., Phelps, NY
I received the cover last night. Fits perfectly and is beautiful. Thank you so much.
~J. Gregg F., Chula Vista
The six bags for the QSC speakers have arrived safe and sound. I am very pleased with them Ė itís always a gamble when you mail order something and especially when itís from the other side of the ocean. They fit so well! Compliments to you on a brilliant product.
~Lee W., Cheshunt GREAT BRITAIN
Cris received his amp cover on Wednesday & is DELIGHTED!! It fits perfectly & the quality is really nice! Impressive! Thanks so much for making it happen!
~Britney D., Lancaster VA
I'm anxious to get the cover. This is my third one from you guys. Your covers are the best!
~Mike B., Riverside, CA
I received the gig-bag yesterday. It fit the my gear, avalon u5. I'm satisfied with it. Thank you very very much !
~AKIHIRO K., Tokyo, Japan
... I received the gigbag for my Soldano Decatone head! What a great fit! I am very happy with it, and the bag looks rugged enough to protect my amp for quite some time!
I want to thank you for all your time and help with the cases. I love em. You are the best. Thanks again and I could not be more satisfied.
~Tim P., Mesquite, TX
Got them both today and they both fit like a glove!!! They are fantastic. You and the team @ Studio Slips are top shelf!!!
~Javier C., Meriden, CT
Thanks for a Great Cover!!! Fits great and looks fabulous!"
~Rick S
Got my cover Friday and it fits perfectly. Beautiful work by beautiful people (and you can quote me on that)
~Clint J., Taylor MS
The covers for the Vox AC15 and Marshall Vintage Modern arrived today. They both fit perfectly, as I knew they would from my previous orders. Good work. And the pocket on the Vox AC15 cover is larger than I expected. I can fit a lot more than the footswitch in there. That could come in handy.
~Robert R., Denver, CO
I just had to let you know- not only is your product the best, your customer service was flawless through my complicated international order, Justin walked me through double checking all measurements, and to top it off- your international shipping was the best Iíve ever experienced. Iím an American living in Germany- itís really complicated over here with the customs and duty stuff, it can really be a problem. You obviously knew what you were doing and filled out the paperwork so correctly that I was able to pick the package up at my local post office and pay the duty there- I can honestly say, that has never happened before. Normally it gets held up for many days and then I must go to a customs office 45 minutes from where I live, and then wait sometimes close to an hour for them to do all the paperwork and calculations, and THEN pay. Salt in the woundÖ this was super easy, calculations were spot-on, and the covers fit like a dream and are super well made. I have in my Los Angeles home a bunch of vintage amps, all with Tuki covers I ordered years ago- they were really good, but yours are on another level. Iíll be upgrading there when we have the chance! Just a big thanks, they are GREAT!
~Alex S., Germany
The bag arrived last week and fits beautifully. Many thanks for all your time and expertise.
~Ian L., Herefordshire, GB
The clamshell for the Z-28 1x10 combo just got here. Looks great and fits like a glove. Thanks for getting it to me so fast.
~Lonny C., Dallas, TX
Thank you so much for the great Amp Covers. Studio Slips are by far the best covers I have ever owned. The clam shell covers I had you make for me fit like a glove. The zippers are smooth and have an ease of operation I have never experienced before. I have had 2 gigs with out any dings or bumps to my Dr. Z head or cabinet. You truly make an outstanding product that is well worth the money. Keep up the great job.
~John B
just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how impressed I am with the amp covers...they fit perfectly and look amazing thanks so much!
~Tony N., Halifax, NS CANADA
The clamshell arrived today. What a great design, and well made. I love it. It's almost as pretty as my swart. I've had a variety of covers made for my amps, and this clamshell is by far the best. I don't think I'll be ordering anything else in the future. Thanks (especially for the fast delivery).
~Sang S., Albuquerque, NM
Received the dust covers for my Dr.Z amps today. They look great and fit perfect. I am very satisfied with the quality and the fast service!
~Robert D., Tomball, TX
Just a quick note to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know my cover arrived today and the fit is perfect. Couldnít be more pleased and now Iím thinking I need a clamshell for my other amp!
~Chris B., Roslindale MA
The cover arrived today. Thanks to you all for making such a really high quality product and for providing such good service. I'm an extremely happy customer.
~Michael S., Grandview Heights OH
I could not have imagined the case fitting this perfect. You nailed it! Like a glove! And the quality and design far surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much. I feel great taking this on the road now.
~Jason S., Asbury Park NJ
Got the cover today. Thanks a ton. It's beautiful and fits perfectly
~Christopher M., Chicago IL
received the cover yesterday. It fits like a glove and looks great. Thank you!
~Frank A., Germany
The cover was delivered safely. Tried it for fit and it's perfect. Quality of materials and workmanship look great so I'm sure it will hold up well under use. I'm glad I decided to give StudioSlips a try. Will be in touch for a few more covers now that I've seen your work.
~Barnett C., Sturbridge, MA
My amp slip arrived yesterday and it's fantastic!! The handle slot is in the perfect spot and the flap over it will work great for keeping my amp clean. Love the front and back pocket as well (and my wife likes the fact that they help keep our living room a little bit less cluttered with books, cords and wires). Outstanding job on this one...
~Dale L., Virginia Beach, VA
Elation DMX-Operator 192 Ch DMX Controller (padded cover) - Hi, I received it today and it fits perfect, thanks again!
~Robert L., Georgetown, TX
I just wanted to let you know that I received the amp covers (all 4) and they look great. I am very pleased with the fit and glad that I chose to upgrade to the padded version...
~Manual G., Lubbock, Texas
Wonderful! Thank you!
~Brian S., Lakeland FL
Thanks so much the perfect job on the cover. Fits like a glove. You're the Best!!
~Eric H., Trinidad, CA
I just wanted to let you know the cover fits beautifully:)
~Lee H., Portland, OR
Received this last week and it fits like a glove:) Thanks so much.
~Rich V., Blauvelt, NY
My cover just showed up! Great fit, great workmanship (workwomanship?), looks wonderful. I'm very pleased; thanks.
~Scott G
Received and it's perfect!
~Tim M. New Middletown, OH
Dear Susan and Cole, Just a quick note to let you know that I received the cover for my Morgan PR-12 this morning. It is absolutely perfect, thank you so much! I wish you the very best and look forward to becoming your client again soon.
~Ilhan A., Wilton, CT
Thanks for the early Christmas present!!And as usual it fits perfect.It never ceases to amaze me that you can make the cover fit despite the fact that I have a problem measuring my equipment.Now if my guitar playing was as good as the fit,finish and quality of your covers......... Have a great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.
~Bob K - Customer extraordinare , Oakland, CA
I received the clamshell gig bags for the Two Rock TS-1 and 2-12" cabinet today. They're perfect!! Of course, I guess I should have expected that. You're the best!
~Steve F., Roanoke, VA
Got the covers, great stuff!! perfect fit. Enjoy them almost as much as chatting with you about Kauai.
~Lars H., Skovde, SWEDEN
Hey Susan, great job on the cover for my Swart SST-30 head and cab. I have so many cabs and amps if you could ever make a red color as well as the brown and black that would be great!!!
~Kevin L., San Lorenzo, CA
Hello from Texas, I recieved the padded slip today and all I can say is WOW! It fit perfect and looks great. Thanks again. Flawless workmanship. I love it. We finally cooled off here in the Panhandle even got a little rain.. Had a couple friends over and they like the slip better than my amp. What else can I say.
~Dwight J., Fritch, TX
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my Suhr Corso Clamshell Bag yesterday and tried it out Ė amazing fit and exceptional quality! Thanks very much and keep up the great work! :)
~Brian K., Atlanta, GA
I received the cover yesterday (Saturday). It's a very nice cover and fits perfectly. I am really pleased with it - many thanks.
~Simon F., Grays, Essex, GB
Your work is excellent. I received my cover and could not be more pleased with the fit and workmanship. Thank you for such a quality product. Hard to find these days. Hopefully I can send some more business your way.
~Glenn G., Sewell, New Jersey
I got the amp cover and I love it. Thanks!!
~Brent B., Kobe City, JAPAN
I just opened the box with my new cover in it. I canít tell you how happy I am with it! The cover fits my amp, an SWR Workingmanís 15 Combo, like a glove. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. You even put a little flap under the opening for the handle. Itís just beautiful. Again, I want to compliment you for your superior customer service and attention to detail. As I mentioned, Iíve NEVER bought any custom items directly online before, but your website and communications made me feel confident enough to go ahead. And Iíve made a point of suggesting your company on our band Facebook page - bass player for The Curbs
~Sher K., Portland OR
Cover arrived today. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Sound construction. Not a loose thread showing. Fits beautifully. Looks great! Worth every penny. Thank you so much..
~Kenneth H., Salem OR
The latest covers arrived today and everything fits perfectly - and just in time too as apparently our 9 month old son finds his dad's old amps irresistible! (wait 'til he finds my old motorcycle in the garage - lookout!) It's been a pleasure to deal you with and thanks for your patience in dealing with my measuring errors, etc. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season, and that you get a nice break from work too!
~Andrew H., CANADA
The covers arrived last week just in time for the Easter gigs! Better than chocolate anytime? as usual they are fab. That?s 5 brown padded slip covers I have got now, so when the amps are all up in the studio it looks rather impressive! Thanks again for all your help and fantastic service ? I?ll be in touch next time I treat myself to an amp!
~Steve B., Brighton UK