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What People Are Saying
I just wanted to tell you that all of the covers (4-total) fit great as usual. You can lock those dims into your website as "golden".
~Donald S.R., Diamond Bar, CA
My two Studioslips cases showed up last night - one for my Fender Super Reverb Head, and one for the EV TL806 cabinet I built. They both fit perfect and look great.
~Snohomish, WA
You guys are amazing! The clamshell cover arrived today and looks great. I canít thank you enough!
~Brian V., Burlington, NJ
Received the clamshell cover for my Tremolux head and it fits like a glove. Thanks again for the last minute shipping change and for continuing to make such great stuff!
~Jay B., Port Coquitlam BC Canada
Thanks for the cases. You guys really do incredible work! I'm a happy repeat customer!
~Corey H., Fort Branch IN
I have just picked up your package at an Amsterdam post office, unpacked it and stuck the Royal Bluesman in the bag. It fits perfectly and snugly too. So snugly in fact that the Royal Bluesman started humming a tune in a low voice! I must be imagining things. Anyway, thank you and who knows, I might require your expert skills again someday. Bye,
~Robert N. Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Slip Cover for my Victoria 518 just came in last night. It fits like a glove and really looks classy! I have one more amp that needs one so I?ll let you know something soon, Ya?ll take Care
~Chris V., Broussard, LA
The slip cover was delivered yesterday. It fits perfectly. Nice job!
~Steve M., Penfield, NY
My Studio Slip arrived yesterday on time! Just wanted to say thanks again for all your great customer service. The slip fits as good as it looks. Couldn't be happier. Thanks again!
~John C., Spring TX
I just got my Studio Slip and it fits perfectly. It is made better than I expected. Thank you for such a great product, I will be letting my friends know.
~Dan H., Benbrook TX
I just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with the new cover. It arrived today and fits perfect. Good job and well done!!
~Kenny M., Corinth, MS
I received my amp cover last week. Wow! You guys did a great job. The cover fits to a "T." I also love the optional pocket. I really appreciate the fast turn around from the time I ordered my cover to the very short time I received it. Let's not omit the quality of this cover. Anyone who takes pride in their equipment and really wants to protect their investment (their equipment), owes it to them self to seriously look into purchasing one of your covers.
~Uncle Lewie, Toledo, OH
Dear Ms. B, You must get bored with hearing how perfect your work is. Allow me to bore you some more; this cover is just right! As always, thank you for tending to me and my amplifier habit.
~Clint J., Taylor, Miss.
Dear Susan and Cole, Just a quick note to let you know that I received the cover for my Morgan PR-12 this morning. It is absolutely perfect, thank you so much! I wish you the very best and look forward to becoming your client again soon.
~Ilhan A., Wilton, CT
Received my slip cover today for my Bugera V% and it fits perfectly! I am both pleased and impressed with the quality. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that will help protect my amp on the buses and subways of Boston when I go to practice and gigs.
~Dan P., Watertown, MA
Thanks for the beautiful covers. They fit like a glove
~Bret A., Vallejo CA
I got the covers yesterday -- AMAZING QUALITY!!! I am blown away -- both items were perfect, snug fits. I am VERY pleased with your product!! :) Thanks for dealing with the UPS issue -- you got that resolved fast! :) I'll definitely be recommending you guys to my friends -- great work!
~Bryan J., Oklahoma City, OK
Susan, I got my covers you made for me and they are perfect!!!, Thank you very much !!!!! and I will be telling all my friends about you, and will be ordering some more covers soon myself !!!!
~Bob L., Newcastle, WA
I got my cover today and I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the great work. The fit is perfect and quality of the product is very impressive. Thanks again I'm very pleased with the cover!
~Lou A., San Ramon CA
The bag arrived and everything is perfect!! Thank you gain for providing such a high quality product and superior service. I will keep you in mind for all my future "cover" needs.
~Robert C., Fremont, CA
They fit like a glove! You are the best, mwah! Thank you for providing this fantastic solution.
~Dan L., Hove, ENGLAND
Thanks, fits perfect!!! Once again amazing service and a great product !!!
~Robby F., Santa Barbara, CA
I bought a Mesa boogie Mark V 25W which will be sended to a friend of mine who will be in Seattle. He will pick up it and will bring it to me here in Chile. However, it is very important for its transport a gig bag like you make. I was calculating in your page, according my preferences, a nice briefcase style gig bag.
~Eduardo M., Seattle WA
Just to let you know that my clamshell arrived today, it fits fine. Thank you very much.
~Keith P., Hayling Island,Hampshire, Great Britain
Just wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job on my amp cover. It looks good and I feel like its really protected now.
~Mem S., LA
The bag fits perfectly, and I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship and protection in a lightweight case. Ideal for my portable organ pedals.
~Michael B., Cape Elizabeth ME
I just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail that you applied to my custom project. My pedal board fits so perfectly I canít believe it. The heavy duty canvas, double padding and webbed handles are great features, but the quality zipper makes all the difference in the world when packing and un-packing your equipment night after night. Added to that your fair prices and quick turn-around time make your product by far the very best Iíve seen. I WILL be giving you more business in the future. Thank you so very much for a TOP NOTCH case!
~Jim K., Independence, OH
Hey Susan, just got the Roland covers, they fit perfect and look great, thank you,
~Pini S.
Got the cover yesterday Susan ! Thank you ever so much. It fits great. I need to order another amp cover too , so I'll be in touch soon.
~Kilian A., Perth, Australia
I just received the cases for my Traynor TVM50 and MaxiMouse amps today. They all fit perfectly! I really appreciate the time and expertise put into double checking the design to ensure a perfect fit. You can now add these amps to the list of covers that you have made.
~Monty A., Evanston IL
Just wanted to drop a line to say that I received the slips yesterday and tried them out last night - perfect fits all around! Very nice quality product - will definitely be ordering again...
~Brian K., Atlanta, GA
The NL-12 cover came today and fits the cabinet perfectly!
~Steve K., Long Island City, NY
Just wanted to let you know that the cover for my little rack is excellent. Great fit, excellent finish, just what I needed. Thanx again!
~Howard B., Waukesha, WI
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cover for my Vox AC50 head today. The two bonded instantly and appear to be made for each other. As Bogey says to Claude Rains at the end of "Casablanca," "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Thanks again for a great product, great service, and great email!
~Jere M., Glendale, CA
Received the cover yesterday, AWESOME !! Fits great and looks great, thank you again !!!
~Kenneth W., Reno NV
It fits perfectly and looks great, and there's no more cleaning required!
Susan the cover arrived today ! The cover is the best thank you very much . I like the added leather bottom .. really appreciate it ..
~David G., New York NY
I have received the Amp covers and they all fit snugly. Thank you
~Dave M., Crescent Head, AUSTRALIA
The cover arrived a day early much to my surprise and delight. It fits perfectly and is premium quality to be sure. This won?t be the last time I order from you. I had some experience with your competitors in the past and there is simply no comparison, yours is a superior product. I?ll make sure everybody that checks out the Brown Sugar also checks out the cover.
~Ted D
The Bludotone Ported 1x12 Cabinet #3781 fits perfectly. I wanted to make sure since it's a new cover #. Love it.
~David G., Freeburg, IL
Hey, y'all: I've unfortunately neglected to write you for various reasons - life takes a hold of you sometimes... But, I feel bad about it, frankly, because I wanted to let you know as soon as I received the Clamshell Gig Bag for my PRS Sonzera 20 how pleased I was with it. Now, I've taken it to various situations across town, and I have only grown more satisfied. Part of my motivation in picking one up was not just to protect the amp from the inevitable bruises of travelling but also to consolidate most of my gear in one package. The pocket you were able to provide holds more than I expected. I can fit both of my footswitches, all of my cables, my compact guitar stand, and any sheet music, strings, power strips, etc. that I may need on a given day. Add in that the thing fits like a glove and looks so nice - I really can't overstate how well-made it is - and you have a case that I can't see anyone turning down. It's something that most musicians I encounter compliment straightaway. (The brown option is a classy touch.) I don't say this frivolously: After researching soft cases and having built my own road box for another amp, I honestly can't see why anyone would go with another option for lightweight travel. I'm able to gig 90% of the time with a one-trip carry - my guitar in one hand and basically everything else in the other. (Now, that's because I've chosen a very portable amp, but the fact remains: y'all make the best case I've seen.) I just want to give real credit where it's due because it's increasingly rare that there exists a small shop of super responsive folks doing great work to solve practical problems for the professional musician. And it's actually affordable. I'm nearly laughing as I write this because it almost sounds canned. Things just rarely are this good. If I have anything negative to say about it, it'd just be that the padding strikes me as a little thinner than I expected for "double" padding. I wouldn't really consider single padding an option if I was looking for impact protection. I mean, neither 1x or 2x is going to stop major impacts, but I still wouldn't want much less than 2x. This is a small concern, though, since I got 2x and am satisfied with how it performs. If I took this on the road more, I'd probably ask for more, though, especially for a trailer situation. But let's not leave it on a negative: I really appreciate the work you do. I wish I had more amps that needed cases, but this PRS combo is all I'm working with at the moment. I'll send folks your way if I ever can. Thanks so much,
~David G., Atlanta, GA
Hi Susan, I received my Venus3 amp cover yesterday and just wanted to say thanks, both for the beautiful cover and the quick delivery. The fit was perfect and it seems I could hear the amplifier purring contentedly when I tried it on! I guess I can put the oversize bath towel I had been using back into the linen closet. BTW, I found out about your business through Billy Penn's 300 Guitars Web Site. I plan to thank him also for steering me in your direction.
~Greg W. Orleans, CA
I got my new clamshell cover yesterday. It fits my Dr Z Maz 18 1X12 perfectly. This is one of the finest covers I've ever seen and it completely covers the a cover should. I just ordered another one for my Dr Z 1X12 extension cab.
~Michael B., Galveston, TX
Got my brown Clamshell cover on 10/23/2009. Put it on the amp, zipped it up and worried no more about bumps and scratches during schlepping and non-schlepping/storage. I?m very glad I got the brown ? so easy to tell which of my 12 guitar amps it is! And also glad I got the double thick padding decreases my bump and scratch worry by a factor of 2! I can already tell the leather pads on the bottom were a good choice. I have Tuki covers for all my other amps. I didn?t hear about Studio Slips till I got my brand new Dr. Z amp ? from the link on his website. I prefer the zippers on your covers to the very loud ripping noises of the Tuki?s Velcro.
~Dave I., Goleta, CA
I wanted to send you a quick note; the Clamshell Bag for my Vox head is perfect. The design is great, the padding is nice and heavy, and the leather bottom strips will keep everything well protected. Great product, and delivery was faster than your stated lead time. I expect to order more covers in the near future.
~Mike S. Oceanport, NJ
Hi all, let me start by saying how great the 'clamshell' cover is working for my DR. Z - Z plus. It fits great and offers great protection. Just did an outdoor gig (large covered stage) and took the Z Plus a s a back up. It rained a bit before load in, but was clear for our set. I had the Z Plus on a dolly under the stage and as I pulled it out after our set a gust of wind came up and raised the stage roof dumping a bunch of water that had collected right on the dolly and the Dr. Z! I grabbed the amp and moved it to safety, dried off the clamshell cover and then removed the amp ... it was dry as a bone, thanks to the your case. Thanks for making such great products!
~Cal C., Breckenridge, CO
The Ampeg Baby Bass bag just arrived. It fits perfectly! Beautiful job! The handles are balanced, and the bass fits like a glove. I can't thank you enough for all your help and input. I really appreciate the speed in which you got it to me. Thanks again for everything, and thank you for this awesome axe bag!
~Steve G., Nyack NY
Received the dust covers for my Dr.Z amps today. They look great and fit perfect. I am very satisfied with the quality and the fast service!
~Robert D., Tomball, TX
Got my Studio Slips today - fantastic! They fit like a glove, just perfect. Thanks for the wonderful service -- I will be placing an order for my Reeves Custom 30 1x12 combo very soon. Take care.
~Bill H., Ashburn, VA
Hello! This morning I received the cover! Great job, it's perfect! Thanks for everything. Greetings from Italy.
~Gianluigi G., San Vitaliano ITALY