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What People Are Saying
Received the bags. As always, they are wonderful. Keep up the good work.
~Dave W., Rancho Cucamonga CA
Just received my clamshell case for my Tone King amp and it fits perfectly! What a great piece of gear. I am extremely happy.
~Kevin K., Des Moines IA
The slip cover was delivered yesterday. It fits perfectly. Nice job!
~Steve M., Penfield, NY
Received my product today. It’s perfect. Thank you!
~Viggo V., Oppegård Norway
I ordered a cover for my Valco Comet from you a few years ago, and it has performed very well. Actually, someone had knocked my Amp off a small sill a couple of Years back, and the padding saved my Amp from any damage.
~Jim S., North Brunswick, NJ
Thanks, fits perfect!!! Once again amazing service and a great product !!!
~Robby F., Santa Barbara, CA
Thanks, Susan! If I had known it was going in the testimonials, I would have emphasized the importance of careful measurements ? my measurements differed from what you had on file and in both cases mine turned out to be correct, which suggests to me that builders change their specs/dimensions over time. (or that previous customers weren?t so careful in their measurements?) In any event, the covers are well-built, they look great (in an understated sort of way), and they are exactly what the doctor ordered for the amps that I take out in the world.
~Kingsley D., Dover, NH
I just got the cover yesterday. Perfect fit!! Nice job to you and your team.
~Steve M. Penfield, NY
Just wanted to let you know I love the case you made for me (for my camera). It's perfect, exactly what I was looking for! May have to order another one just like it only 2" longer- for a different lens setup.... Thanks again- and know that I've recommended you to a lot of people.
~Wes J. Mayport, FL
Cover just showed up. It's perfect! I love it.. Thank you so much next time I get an amp I'll call you guys for sure.;)
~Benny L, New York, NY
I received the amp covers today. I'm so happy with them. You do great work! They fit so well and again I'd like to thank you for the discount you've given me on the six covers. I will highly recommend you to other amplifier owners I know.
~John R.
Got it, Sue! Fits like a glove as always!
~Rick O., Menasha, WI
The new clamshell cover is perfect - fits like a glove! And the custom pouches in the pocket function just as envisioned, keeping the pedals out of the cords in the bottom of the pocket……..perfect! Holds all I need to pack off to a gig.
~Michael B., Houston TX
My cover for my 65 Amps London Pro 1x12 Combo fits beautifully and looks great! Great work!
~Ken C., Midlothian, TX
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received my cover and it’s fantastic! Thank you for the excellent product and customer service.
~Douglas W., Winthroop, WA
The Clam-Shell Cover's you made for my Tone King Imperial and and Faustine Phantom just arrived. They fit perfectly, look great.....and I couldn't be happier. That I get to support a local business makes it all the more satisfying to me, and I can guarantee you that I will recommend you to all my musician friends (at least the one's who have not discovered you yet).
~Herb G., Petaluma, CA
Received my cover the other day, & it fits perfectly (as I knew it would). Thanks again, excellent product & service!
~Dainis K., Salem, MA
Hi I just received my order from you. The covers are perfect, and I couldn't be happier with them. Thanks much for your fine work!
~John P., Minneapolis MN
I just wanted you to know this was the easiest order and best fit and finish of any custom product I have ordered in my 40 yrs in the music business. It is good to know there are still companies that want to do it right the first time! This will not be my last order.
~Rick R., Nashville, TN
I wanted to let you know that my clamshell case arrived earlier this week and despite some of the back and forth, the case fit my Aguilar SL112 perfectly. Also, for your future reference the Aguilar TH500 bass amp head fits in the largest version of the standard front pocket. Thanks to both of you for your help and the great product. I’ll be ordering another clamshell for my guitar amps; no weird orientations or requests I promise. :-)
~Alexander B., Canada
Got it- Looks great and fits perfect!
~Jorge "The Holstered", Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Got the amp covers...they fit perfectly and are AWESOME. Great products...great service.
~Mike S., Fort Worth, TX
Just want to let you know that my covers came in and fit perfectly! I gave you some measurements for the handle cutouts that were different than what you had supplied for the Fender Rumble 410 and 115 cabs. The measures and your output are dead on. I included a photo of the handle cutout's fit on the 115. The 410 looks just as good. I showed my band mates your slip covers and they were quite impressed with the fit, quality and padding. So glad I invested in your Studio Slips.
~Loy F., Portland OR
I received my Studio Slips cover and it fits my Acoustic B200 PERFECTLY! Thank you for an excellent buying experience and I will remember you for my future needs and also refer you to others.
~Dan M., Puyallup, WA
The covers arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. The two rock & the Princeton covers fit like a glove. Thanks for your patience in getting the measurements right and the quick turnaround on my order! Appreciate it very much!
~Mark S - Lafayette, LA
Cover received. Fits great, just like the others. Thank you!
~Nate R., Germantown, MD
Another perfect fit from Studio Slips! Thanks guys!
~Jon D., Temperance MI
Received my covers today...awesome job as usual...they fit perfect...I think I'm up to 12 of your covers now...all still going strong.
~John F., Chicago, IL
The cover arrived today and it fit perfectly. For the record my stand alone reverb unit is clone from Weber (in case anyone asks you if yours fits a Weber). Also the pocket in the back is perfect for the foot switch and a couple of cords.
~Dave K., Richmond, VA
Just received the cover. Fits PERFECTLY! Great craftsmanship! High quality materials! So proud to support an American small business owner such as yourself. Thanks again.
~Alex F., Brooklyn, NY
I received the case and tried it out today. It fits like a glove! Thanks for the great product.
~John Z., Canada
Thank you for rushing my order. I showed off your bag at all of my demos. Everyone loved the quality and design. Great product! Hopefully some sales will be coming your way.
~Clint B., Smyrna, TN
The covers all fit perfectly! Thank you so much. We all love them... The Fabulous Biotones
~Rick L., Petaluma, CA
I received my amp cover last week. Wow! You guys did a great job. The cover fits to a "T." I also love the optional pocket. I really appreciate the fast turn around from the time I ordered my cover to the very short time I received it. Let's not omit the quality of this cover. Anyone who takes pride in their equipment and really wants to protect their investment (their equipment), owes it to them self to seriously look into purchasing one of your covers.
~Uncle Lewie, Toledo, OH
A bit overdue, but thank you for the recent delivery of my extra padded Pedaltrain JR case. Kicks the original manufacturer-issued case right to the curb. Outstanding build quality, wonderfully sturdy and smooth zippers and a perfect fit. I was happy to find you used the leather "pads" I added on the floor side of the clamshell case - plenty of protection there to ensure a long life. Might have wanted for more substantial "feet" on the bottom of the case (opposite/bottom end of handles), but not a big deal as for my light use, this case will surely out-last the pedal board itself by a wide margin. Well done, thank you & Happy Holidays!
~Paul G., Naperville, IL
The padded slip cover for the Bogner New Yorker fits like a glove. Thanks again for your quality work.
~Peter A., Chicago, IL
Let me say two things, THANK YOU and WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT! Thank you and I'll be back!
~Louie F., Anacortes WA
Received the carrying case for my Diezel Columbus footswitch. I just wanted to say “thank you” and tell you what a perfect fit, the quality is beautiful and materials worthy to stand up to gigging during the Minnesota winter (i.e. -47degF). This is the third custom piece now that you made for me....Thanks very much for your professionalism, exceptional quality and attention to detail, and for the warm and timely customer service.
~Larz E., Savage MN
Well done on great website, your database of measurements made Studio Slips the clear winner. Buying this kind of product local (Melbourne Australia) would have been ten times harder, I cant believe how easy this has been.
~Aaron S., Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Thanks for much for the covers for the Roland A-300, Avid Artist Mix, and Mackie Blend, they're great!
~Stephen L., Westerly RI
Superb workmanship and fast turnaround, as always...
~Lyndon L., Sherman Oaks, CA
Susan, You did indeed do it. I'm sitting in the airport with my beautiful amp & case beside me. I'm now one of your fans. Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job on the bag, & for getting it to me so quickly without it having to go overnight...
~David B., Wilmington, DE
Just letting you know I received the cover for the Alessandro 2 x 12 safely in the mail today. It fits like a glove, & is up to your usual exemplary work in stitching & fit, - in a word superb. When you are using the best gear you can afford, it is nice to know it is being protected by the best quality covers in the business! Cheers from 'downunder'
~Brad F., Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Thank you for the Studio Slip cover for my Carr rambler amp! It fits perfect, I'm so very happy with it, thank you for the wonderful customer service & attention to detail!.... It was a joy placing the order.
~Christopher F., Honolulu, HI
I recieved my Studio Slip cover for my amp yesterday. The cover fits like a glove, and your workmanship is first rate! I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely satisfied, and will soon be ordering two more covers from you for my other amps.
~Steve G
All I can say is wow! That was so quick it's crazy! And the covers are perfect. I'm amazed. U just want to say thankyou so much for your help. You'll hear from me again soon for sure!
~Scott S., Canberra, AUSTRALIA
Well, you have done it again. On time delivery. Fantastic quality on a very special order. You are my music instrument case cover company for life.
~Warren R. Plano, TX
Hi! I just have to tell you how truly in love with my bag that I am!!!! How cool it is to just dream up the perfect bag and it arrives!! I love it!
~Liz D., San Francisco CA
Fits like a glove, looks perfect with the other slips I have. Thank you again for your efforts to get things done in a timely fashion. Everyone who sees these slips are "blown away " with the quality.
~Jim M., Odessa, Canada
Got my Studio Slips today - fantastic! They fit like a glove, just perfect. Thanks for the wonderful service -- I will be placing an order for my Reeves Custom 30 1x12 combo very soon. Take care.
~Bill H., Ashburn, VA