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What People Are Saying
YES! I'M FAMOUS! All kidding aside, I'm glad you used my words as a testimonial. I am happy to (and always do) recommend you to any fellow gigging musician I talk to. I've literally used your covers in rain, sleet, and snow; and my stuff stays protected gig after gig after gig. Studio Slips is the best!
~Michael J., O'Fallon, MO
Good Morning! Rec'd cover last night - Great design and too nice to use - ha! Pocket is wonderfully larger than anticipated.
~Chris C., Fairfield CT
I just received the cover!!! Thank you so, so much for it! It is amazing and fits the Roland like a glove!! Now my cat can't leave his claw marks on the amp! haha
~Mike R., Princeton University!
Just to let you know that my order arrived safely yesterday. Brilliant work & fit as usual.
~Nik L - UK
Thank you for an awesome custom-fitted cover for my precious Soldano! It fits great!!
~Marc B., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
It's bin a while ago but I was on a Holliday. I want to thank you for your superior craftsmanship and I'm not overreacting here. The vibebag you made fits like a glove and is well protected to. Even the keyboard X-stand fits in the compartment! And the back-straps for carrying are fine as well.
~Niels J., Dordrecht, HOLLAND
Thanks for much for the covers for the Roland A-300, Avid Artist Mix, and Mackie Blend, they're great!
~Stephen L., Westerly RI
Susan, just got the slip covers yesterday, they're perfect, I love them, what great covers and service, thank you so much! The extra depth I factored in does allow them to fit easily over my Yamaha HS80M speakers with rear heat sink fins and AC cord. I'll add you to my list of referrals for students needing amp and gear covers. Happy holidays!
~John M. Los Angeles, CA
Thanks so much for your great work! The slip fits wonderfully and it'll allow me to schlep my amp on the nyc subway with confidence and style.
~Bob G., Bronx, NY
Just wanted to drop a line to say that I received the slips yesterday and tried them out last night - perfect fits all around! Very nice quality product - will definitely be ordering again...
~Brian K., Atlanta, GA
The bag arrived at the end of the week and it's great for the job. Lots of room for other stuff and my AdrenaLinn. Thanks for sorting that out for me.
~Sam G., Perthshire, Great Britain
You have played a blinder with me case. It fits like a glove and the strap is a big help. Just waiting on my princeton to be done then I will return. Thanks again for your great service. Even with the $60.00 duty it still can't be beaten and we always have a bit of a giggle too!!
~Andy N., United Kingdom
Hi Susan, thanks so so much for this feedback! I received them today and they are absolutely perfect. I am in awe how quickly and easy the process was! Perfection!! Well done! Now I feel safe to lug around my equipment AND be able to fit it all in the back of my vehicle. ATA cases are only good if you're road tripping with a band and trailer!
~Marc J., Canada
Hi ! Just to tell you that I have received the covers and they are perfect ! Big big thanks and with pleasure until next time.
~Frederic Z., SaviŤse Valais, Switzerland
I received the cover - it fits like a glove. Thanks for a great job and a great product.
~Lee P., Moses Lake, WA
Arrived today and fit perfectly as usual!
~Jeff B., Boise, ID
I *LOVE* the cover you made for my DR. Z Maz 18. It fits *PERFECTLY*!! The only downside is that I didnít find you soon enough and Iím now going to have to have my amp re-tolexed (it got pretty chewed up over the years). The good news is with that cover Iíll never have to worry about it again!! Great job; thank you *SO* much!!
~John P., Cave Creek AZ
" the clamshell yesterday. It's absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly! Huge thanks, especially for getting it done so quickly for my tour!!!
~James N., San Francisco, CA
I received my bags and I really want to thank you because they are just so awesome! The fit and quality is just incredible and all the details are so well-thought-out. This is real craftsmanship!
~Gotz F., Freiburg, Germany
I just received the cover for my Swart amp Very nice looking, and it fits the amp perfectly I'll spread the word about your great work Thank you so much
~Jean-Do S., Paris, France
I love the covers. They are great. I will order more from you when I collect some more gear. Take care...Musician, father, and believer in Studio Slips covers. - Show quoted text -
~Carey W., Soquel, CA
Susan--I received the dust covers today and they are a great fit--I really like them--great product--thanks so much
~Jester J., Texhoma, OK
Slip arrived....looks good. Fits perfectly. Thanks.
~William K., Alexandria, VA
Hello from Nashville... The slips are holding up great. We have been on the road for about 3 weeks. We have been to Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and of course here in Tennessee. I have not had a single problem. What an outstanding product and a great American Company. We are going to be entering the studio to record a full length CD. When it is done I will send you one.
~Johnny B
My clamshell bag just arrived yesterday. I put my LSS right in and it's a perfect fit, and very attractive. I almost wish I had a bag for my bag, as it will live outside the bag most of the time! I'm sure I'll be calling again as I will probably need other bags for other amps.
~Chuck M., Knoxville, TN
Just want to let you know that my covers came in and fit perfectly! I gave you some measurements for the handle cutouts that were different than what you had supplied for the Fender Rumble 410 and 115 cabs. The measures and your output are dead on. I included a photo of the handle cutout's fit on the 115. The 410 looks just as good. I showed my band mates your slip covers and they were quite impressed with the fit, quality and padding. So glad I invested in your Studio Slips.
~Loy F., Portland OR
I received the cover today. It fits perfectly and really couldnít be any better !
~Bernd W., Germany
Received the cover. Fits perfectly! Thank you!
~Larry S., Los Angeles CA
Received the cover today, looks great, perfect fit. Thanks.
~Stephen T. Woodstock, GA
The amp cover slip is amazing it fits soooo snug. When i first got it I thought wow that aint gonna fit and it fits so well. Fantastic work.
~Liam G., Topanga, CA
Susan, I see that you have shipped my cover! I can not thank you enough for making sure that I received it before next weeks gig! It looks like it will be here the day before. It is so nice to work with someone so thoughtful and professional! I can not wait to see the studio slip!
~Brian F., Nashville, TN
Susan, Karen, and S.S. crew, I just got the covers for my 2 Dr. Z amps & Scumback DB Limiter and (no surprise here) everything fit perfectly. Thanks again! When I buy another nice piece of equipment, you'll be the first to know...
~Mark C., Canton, MI
Apologies for the delayed message, just wanted to say thanks for the 3 excellent covers I ordered recently. They turned out great and fit perfectly. It?s really nice to finally have these on my amps so I can cart them around without any trouble, especially the tweed covered amps. My friend Scott Hughes at Vistalux Amps is impressed and will be recommending Studio Slips to his customers.
~Shawn H., Fort Worth, TX
I got the cover three days ago, I think. I've been really busy with my work. It fits and looks great! Thank you so much for the great product.
~Kazya A., Suwa-gun, JAPAN
Hey guys - received my cover - fits like a glove - love it! Thanks so much!
~Jim C., Raleigh NC
Sorry I haven't emailed sooner but I just got in late last night from tour and finally saw the covers for my avatar cab and fender reverb. Just wanted to tell you that they look gorgeous and the weird handle measurement on the reverb unit was dead on. Fits like a glove! Thanks so much for getting these out to me and I look forward to ordering more in the future as my gear collections seems to always be growing. GREAT covers!
~Marc C. New York, NY
Great job on the cover guys. This is for my Valvetech "Hayseed" 15,... it fits like a glove! Don't think you've made this particular size before... any way, the measurements I sent you worked just fine!
~Geoff H., Sugarland, TX
I swear I had a 15% impulse to weep whenever I whenever I opened the package. A 500 foot homer Ė better than Iíd envisioned.
~Lusgardo C., Lubbock, TX
The cover fits PERFECTLY!!! Thank you so very much! And I must sayÖ The quality is MUCH better than... I look forward to ordering more of these from you so please be sure to save the design.
~Wes D., San Antonio, TX
Just want to let you know that the new cover is terrific as usual. Perfect fit. Thanks for the quick turn-around time also.
~Doug P., Portsmouth, OH
The cover for the Euphonic Audio NL210 just arrived. The fit is absolutely perfect. The handle cutouts match the handles perfectly, and the cover is form-fitting but slides easily over the box. I think you can keep those dimensions for that model, I wouldn't change them a bit. Also very well made and good looking too. Thanks much for your excellent personal service and a great product.
~Marc L. Ukiah, CA
I received the covers today for my Masters TVA30 head and 1x12 bottom, and they fit perfectly. Having the pockets added to the covers is going to make cable and footswitch transport so much easier. Thanks for a great product, I will be sure to tell everyone about these great covers.
~Steen T., Fitchburg, WI
The bag arrived today. It is simply PERFECT. Super high quality and it fits exactly like I was hoping it would. Thanks again and all the best.
~Francesco F - Doha, Qatar
Just thought i'd let you guys know that I received my studio slip, it fits the Moog Taurus 3 perfectly, I've posted photos and your company name to the Moog music forum for anyone else who's interested :)
~Craig G., Inman Valley, Australia
Just wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job on my amp cover. It looks good and I feel like its really protected now.
~Mem S., LA
The amp cover for my Roland Cube 60 arrived today ? it fits like the proverbial glove. Absolutely perfect!! Looks great, too!! The side pocket is just right for the foot pedals and connecting cables for that amp, too. Can't wait to get it out on the road.
~Jim G
Got my bag two days ago! It's great!!!!
~Marten S., Sweden
I received 3 clamshell case in Hawaii a month ago. I came back yesterday and check the cases. 3 cases are perfect fit to my Matchless amps.
~Yoshihiro M., Kobe, JAPAN
Just wanted to write and say thank you, once again, for providing such an awesome product. The attention to detail really shows all over. Great quality zippers, heavy duty fabric, (So glad I went with the brown, matches my retro looking amp to a tee) and most importantly, fit. The old saying "fit's like a glove" should be replaced with "Fits like a Studio Slips cover".
~Alex S., Edmonton, CANADA
Clamshell just came in the mail. Once again this Studio Slip is fine crafted to perfection. Please don't change!
~Malcolm C., Sedalia CO